Who I am, and Why This Website Exists

Hal Mitzenmacher


Hal is a former businessman who, along with his wife Retta, are enjoying their retirement in the beautiful Ozarks of northern Arkansas. Hobby ranching, computer activities, conservation and land management occupy Hal’s time, while equestrian activities and animal (and husband) care account for Retta’s time.

Both of us share an interest in photography, both underwater and terrestrial.

Hal has a keen interest in personal computing, as well as most things in the high-tech world, although he is perpetually a few years behind the cutting-edge.  He thinks of himself as a jack-of-some-trades, and a master of none.

For whatever it’s worth, prior to retirement, Hal would have used the following image to represent himself:


8 thoughts on “Who I am, and Why This Website Exists

  1. Hi, just bought some land of my own in Central Texas. I’d like to convert it back to woods after a century or so of cultivation. In that interest I’d like to buy some walnuts for seed. Do you have any this year?

  2. Hi, I am writing a german ebook about natural boarding
    of horses. I would like to show two of your photos (with the cacti)
    (certainly with your name and adress) .

    Is it ok for you?
    kind regards
    Tanja Romanazzi

  3. Convertible Bench/Table Construction Plans: Hi Hal, this email coming to you all the way from South Africa 🙂 I stumbled on your page and being from SA we use centimeters and not inches 🙂 Do you have a plan with CM as opposed to inches please…as the plans are a bit confusing 🙂

    I would appreciate your feedback 🙂

    Warm regards
    Jamiel Toefy

  4. I live under a bois d’ arc tree thats been dead for over 50 years which somehow led me to this site. While I want to disagree with you I cannot “just saying” . I will continue to explore this site because it gives me hope that its not us and them , but more like you and me and others and them. The good news is that you , me , and others should be able to see them for what they are.

  5. Hi Hal, I live in Washington st. and I built a bench/picnic table from your pintrest page although I made it 7ft long. also a little wider. Do you have trouble with the table top up being a little rocky, wobley, or whatever. tried diff. things to make more stable. made it for daughters new back deck and they love it. Am going to make more but smaller size.

  6. Hiya! I am the new social media manager for the Rusty Wheels Old Engine Club, and as I Googled for articles on us, I came across your blog of us from 2006. I wanted to let you know that we are still up and running and planning our Spring show for June 12th & 13th. I’d love to email you a copy of our new flyer. We are incorporating more events for kids as well as inviting antique cars to our show. We would love to have you come by and see how we’ve grown! Find us on Facebook at Rusty Wheels or on our website http://www.rustywheels.com.

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