Techniques In Night Photography


Controlling Sky Color in Star Circle Images During the New Moon

In this post I look at a technique I turn to often to control the color of the sky when creating star circle images, especially during the new moon phase, when star circle images are usually displayed with a dark black sky.  Check it out here 

Create Elliptical Star Paths In Lightroom
– Part 1 –

Terlingua Ghost Town Cemetery Monument
Terlingua Cemetery Monument

There are complicated techniques used to artificially create elliptical star paths from within Photoshop, as well as plug-ins that will do the job. But in this post I will show you a new technique I have stumbled upon to create these elliptical star paths from within Lightroom alone, in one easy step! Don’t believe me?   Check it out here

Creating Elliptical Star Paths In Lightroom
– Part 2 - 

Boxley Valley Abandoned House
In the post Creating Elliptical Star Paths in Lightroom (Part 1) I demonstrated how to create elliptical star paths using lens profiles in Lightroom. In this post I show how to use the Transform Panel in Lightroom to achieve the same result, with a couple of tips I have learned using the technique in the field.   Check it out here

Moonrise Over Bodie
ISO Invariance In Actual Use

The Sony A7Rii and some other cameras that utilize a Sony sensor have a characteristic called ISO invariance, which means that, under the right conditions, exposures can be taken at the camera’s native ISO and boosted in post-processing without additional noise being created in the process. Here is an actual real-world example.