Momma Wolf Spider

Wolf spider carrying babies

This morning Retta saw a wolf spider taking a dip in the swimming pool, and Retta,  true to form, scooped up the spider with a skimmer net in order to save it from a possible drowning death.

Upon further examination, Retta discovered that this wolf spider was a momma.  Indeed, you can see from the photograph above that momma spider has a host of babies perched, papoose style, on her back.  I don’t think that I have ever seen this occurance before, or if I have, I did not know what I was witnessing at the time.

9 thoughts on “Momma Wolf Spider

  1. Good photo. I have not seen a spider mom with a brood like this, but I have seen a scorpion carrying around a bunch of babies. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of that.

  2. Phenomenal! I’ve heard of this, but have never seen anything like this before. So glad I came across this. Although I must confess I got a severe case of the creepy crawlies while viewing 🙂

  3. I have those all over my shed. The adults are really poisonous too, but they are pretty cool to look at, especially if you get a shot like this. 😀

  4. caught one with babaies on her back – after putting her in a jar i got the babies off her back and counted them – there were over one hundred babies there!!! all together we had four spiders with babies coming into our house..

  5. I saw one of these in my pool filter and i squished it with a stick, and all the babies came swimming out. It was nasty. Do they carry poison???? Oh well, if you see one, RUN!!!

  6. One of these crawled out of my jacket and onto my arm and almost bit me! But no babies this time.

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