Some Chores Are a Drag

There is something romantic about living on a farm/ranch in the rural Ozarks.  But sometimes, unglamorous chores have a way of presenting themselves.  Today (after much procrastination) was the day I needed to repair a section of fencing.  But before undertaking this job, I needed to drag the pasture so I could walk around without tromping through piles of manure.  So here is a picture of the broken fence rail, and the scotch harrow I use to deal with the manure:

For more about this scotch harrow and dragging the horse pastures, see my previous post entitled Non-Toxic Fly Control, which is, I believe, irresistable reading ;)

For more info on fencing, see my previous post entitled The Most Effective Fence Ever Grown?, and about other damage that has befallen our fencing see Still Cleaning Up After the Ice Storm of 2009.

2 thoughts on “Some Chores Are a Drag

  1. Hi Pablo,

    I frequently check in at Roundrock Journal, hoping you might treat us to more of your inspired and interesting musings.  Maybe again someday, eh?  Hope you, Libby and the rest of your family are all thriving and well.

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