Eye-Fi Wi-Fi Goodness

If you love convenience, then you probably cherish sliced bread.  I mean, really, is it that difficult to get out a knife and cutting board and slice a couple of slabs from the loaf before making a sandwich?  No.  And yet we all buy sliced bread.  It’s just so darn convenient!

Similarly, if if you love convenience, then you will probably cherish an Eye-Fi wi-fi SDHC memory card for your camera.  After an easily accomplished initial one-time setup, your photographs will automatically be uploaded from your camera to your computer, and optionally to web-based photo sharing and storage sites.

This chart describes the process.  The following photo shows the various models of Eye-Fi memory card that are available.

No more card readers, no more USB cords, NO MORE WIRES!  Just pictures transfered quickly and easily from your camera to your computer.  What could be better?  Sliced bread?

One thought on “Eye-Fi Wi-Fi Goodness

  1. > And yet we all buy sliced bread.

    Errr… people who know what real bread should taste like don’t, actually 🙂
    Which of course has nothing to do with the main subject of the post … pretty interesting gadget indeed.

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