Wierd Spring Rituals (Part I)

The Grassing of the Carp

This annual rite begins with the ceremonial “exchanging of the blades“, in which the fall/winter mulching blades are are removed from the lawnmower, and replaced with spring/summer high-lift blades.

Exchanging of the blades

Next, all interested parties are invited to gather in the specified viewing area, beside a ranch pond, in a rite called “the assembly of the plebes“. They come from far and wide to witness this impending spectacle.

 The excitement builds!

A lone coot arrives on the scene, attracted by the commotion taking place before him.

What's going on here?

Soon, Retta spots a reptilian guest, who just wanted to know what all the fuss was, and why did we disturb his nap in the spring warmth?  I just wanted to know if it was safe to go into the water.

 Oh oh - better be careful!

It soon becomes apparent that the reptiles don’t want to be too outnumbered by the mammals, and reinforcements begin to arrive, in the form of a snapping turtle. The duck?  He just sits there, always with the same blank look in his eye.

A snapping turtle also drops by

You can sense the excitement in the air, in anticipation of the of the impending “rites of the first swath“.  In this rite, the previously prepared lawnmower (see “the exchanging of the blades“, above) is called into service.  By maneuvering it into just the right position along the pond bank, a steady stream of long grass cuttings can be sprayed onto the surface of the pond water –

Grassing of the carp

At last, in a grand culmination to all of the pomp and circumstance that has taken place, the subjects for whom this ceremony has been created, finally arrive.  They are the Grass Carps, who, after dreaming of this moment throughout their long winter hibernation, begin their sumptuous feast!

The carp are here! The carp are here!

And thus goes “The Grassing of the Carp

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  1. Nice little narrative. I especially like the coot. And the best part is that you have water in your pond. Some people are so lucky!

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