Feeling Kittenish?

Just as I clicked on the “publish” button for my last post, Retta pulled up the driveway, back from visiting her parents in Ozark, Missouri.  Along the way home, just off the highway, she noticed what looked to be two tiny kittens.  Not one to look the other way when situations such as this occur, Retta stopped the truck and investigated.  She found the two little kittens, but found no evidence of any siblings or mother cat.  Apparently, these two marvelous creatures were abandoned along the side of the road by some sick, heartless individual who could not think of any other way to handle a new litter of kittens.

Retta did what most caring, nurturing people would do under the circumstances – she gathered the kittens up and brought them home.  So it looks as if we shall now be a three cat family.  And this is what they look like:

Unnamed kitten #1

Unnamed kitten #2

Hopefully we can teach them to get along with the other cat, the dogs, the horses, the guineas, the chickens, the wild birds and the squirrels.  Anything else is fair game.

9 thoughts on “Feeling Kittenish?

  1. You and your wife are my heroes of the day – I just noticed your comment at FC’s and figured I’d see what your site is about. So glad I did because those cuties just made my day!

    Best of luck w/ the training that will ensue, and blessing to you and yours for being so darn awesome.

  2. We were on the way home from Roundrock and stopped at a rest area where we found two spaniel puppies left in the shelter. We probably should have taken them then because we returned three times in the next three days (100 miles each way) to seach for them. No luck.

  3. My first concern – are they immunized against feline encephalitis? As a kid, I had one cutie like one of those – but that was way back in the dreamtime. I still remember the choreography of its dying dance. I don’t know why I raised that issue – I’m sure Retta has it under control. Anyway, I’m not a vet.

  4. Mrs. S. – Thanks. We’re glad we made your day (as well as the kittens). Heroes? No, just a couple of people trying to do what’s right.

    Sam and Duane (sounds like a folk group, doesn’t it?) – Thanks also, we sense that our animals know they have it made out here.

    Tjilpi – We have an appointment with our vet this week. And I think of you as a very special type of veterinarian – one who specializes in treating the most creative, yet at the same time most destructive animal yet created.

  5. Pablo – Animal abandonment is a problem across the country, I’m sure. In our county it occurs with heartbreaking frequency. There is a fine young couple who have organized a Humane Society in the county, but it is a fledgling organization with no facilities. They operate as a “no-kill” shelter, but the problem is, they have no shelter. They try to solicit volunteers to be temporary guardians until someone can be found to adopt the animals, but it is a difficult task. Retta and I have considered donating some land for a shelter, but our location is clear on the other side of the populated portion of our county, thus it would not be suitable for this type of facility. So instead, we provide monthly financial donations to support their efforts.

    It is a sad situation here for stray and abandoned animals, but in a poor county that struggles to provide essential services to it’s human residents, I suppose the animals must take a back seat to human needs. Hopefully, the situation will improve with time.

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