Sir George’s Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

Sir George, our Yellow Labrador Retriever, sat me down and had a talk with me today.  It seems that he was feeling a little bit slighted, in that Gracie (our Great Pyrenees) and the two new kittens appear to be getting more cyberspace notoriety than he is receiving.  I indicated to George that he had a valid point, and that I would attempt to rectify the situation.  After consulting with my editor-in-chief (me), I decided to help George attain his well deserved fifteen minutes of fame by posting his picture on the World Wide Web.

George loves summertime activities.  His favorite pastime, besides sleeping and eating, is lazing around the swimming pool.  Doesn’t he look as if he would fit right in at one of those senior-citizen retirement villages that are so heavily promoted down in Florida?  I think he would enjoy a good “swim-up” bar, along with a friendly older gentleman to talk to on occasion. 

George loves summer activities

As you can see in the picture below, George and the kittens are getting along just fine.  Sometimes the kittens drive George crazy with their constant playfulness and miniature feline antics, but usually they just seem to enjoy each others company.

The nurturing instinct takes over

If cats and dogs, who are reputed to be natural enemies, can get along like this, why can’t we humans do the same, I wonder?

9 thoughts on “Sir George’s Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

  1. Seriously – George clearly deserves more lime-light – what a total SWEETIE!

    I love the pool pic, and he is clearly a good “adopted daddy” to the kittens. What more could you ask for in a pup?

    (no offense meant to Gracie or the kittens, of course ;))

  2. …also he needs to be told that the fold up side should be on the right, to allow the rifle and sling to hang easily over the right shoulder without the rifle hitting the brim. Also, the folded brim will then not interfere with his vision when sighting the rifle.

  3. Darn, I just looked at some old backpacking photos where I was wearing seemingly the exact same hat. Clearly I wasn’t cut out for the Aussie military either.

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