Is It Dead Yet?

I ran across this article on Kodak’s digital sales overtake film.  Here is my recent film experience.  I have decided to Ebay my underwater camera equipment while it still has value.  My Nikonos V cameras have not been used for 6-7 years, so I thought that it would be a good idea to shoot a roll of film through each to test them out.  Since I have shot digital photos for years now, it has been some time since I attempted to buy film.  I went into my local Walmart Supercenter to buy a couple of rolls of 35mm film.  They stocked 4-packs of Fuji ISO 100 print film.  That is all.  No Kodak film, no slide film, no choice of film speed, no B&W film, nothing.  Just 4-packs of Fuji ISO 100 print film!

I looked at the camera display while I was there, and counted 47 digital cameras verses 2 film cameras.

It looks to me as if traditional film has died except for a few specialty niches, the largest of which are probably professional photography and one-time use disposable cameras. I suspect that Kodak’s film/digital sales ratio will continue its’ decline, and probably at an accelerated pace.

I had better sell those Nikonos cameras while potential purchasers can still obtain film for them!

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