Fall Colors Are Slowly Appearing

Hillside trees are beginning to change color

As you can see in the photograph above, the trees around this part of the Ozarks are just beginning to undergo the color transformation that makes this such a pleasant time of year to be outdoors enjoying the scenery.

Pin oak turning red

The pin oaks, such as this one, are among the first trees to exhibit a reddening of their leaves.  As such, they stand out in stark contrast to the surrounding greenery.

Pin oak leaves in early fall

The pin oak leaves change from dark green to red, after which they will turn rusty brown before leaping off the tree, in a final act of suicidal defiance in the face of the seasonal changes that are taking place.

The change has begun

This specimen of sugar maple begins it’s color change from the top down, and will undergo several variations of shading prior to the leaves falling from the tree.

Behind horse pasture

I haven’t identified this tree yet (hint, hint), but the outer layer of leaves regularly turn a brilliant purplish shade as the fall change progresses.

There is an excellent website that publishes the Ozark Mountains Fall Foliage Report, where you can learn all about the causes of the color change, as well as obtain up-to-date color reports and forecasts, and get directions for scenic local fall drives throughout the Ozarks region.

I will be posting the changes that occur at this location periodically over the next couple of weeks.  So far the weather has been favorable for a spectacular fall show.  If the cool, sunny days continue, along with cold (but not freezing) nights, we should be in for a real treat this year.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

5 thoughts on “Fall Colors Are Slowly Appearing

  1. Pablo – Thanks for the help. The tree does have spear shaped leaves, that are opposed on the twig and have 7 leaves per cluster. With your guidance, I think I have identified this tree as an autumn purple ash. I don’t know if there are others on the property – I am going to keep my eyes open for the telltale purple hue as I look around over the next week or two.

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