Brrrrrrrr……..OOOPS!……I Mean, Aaaaah

This morning I had to call Fed-ex to arrange for a package pickup.  The friendly woman on the other end of the line, after taking my shipping information, inquired as to the weather in my neck of the woods.  Glancing at the remote display for the outdoor thermometer, I saw that it was 23 degrees out there.  So I said “it’s quite cold over here, how about for you?”  To which she responded – “it’s MINUS 52 DEGREES, well, that’s the wind-chill factor, it’s really only MINUS 32 on the thermometer!”

I asked if we could start this conversation all over again.  “Sure” she said, and again asked how the weather was in my neck of the woods, to which I quickly replied – “it’s quite warm over here, thank you!”

I guess things are always relative.

P.S. - Her office is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

2 thoughts on “Brrrrrrrr……..OOOPS!……I Mean, Aaaaah

  1. When I read about the snow and cold in Minnesota, I realize that there is an entire other country that is north of Minnesota. Winter must be a different life for them than what I know here in Missouri. That’s a great little anecdote.

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