Seven at a Time

Food and water abound

First, I apologize for the poor lighting conditions exemplified in this photograph, but sometimes you have to abide by the conditions imposed upon you by nature.  Having said that, it is still enjoyable to look down at the feeders from the kitchen and see seven deer partaking of breakfast while you sip your morning coffee, regardless of lighting conditions.

As you may notice in the picture, we have had sufficient rain so far this season to allow the grasses to grow into a thick green carpet, but not enough precipitation to top off the ponds.  Therefore, I’ll join in with the usual chorus heard around here this time of year – we could use some more rain!

If I had my way, we would receive about 1 inch of rain per week, preferably delivered in the form of a steady (but gentle) shower that occurs between the hours of 11:00pm and 6:00am every Tuesday.  In reality, however, although we receive an average of about an inch of rain per week, it may come in the form of a torrential downpour that drops 4 inches of rain at once, and then a dry spell for the next month.

5 thoughts on “Seven at a Time

  1. Pablo – those are just decoys that I use to try to attract real live ducks, although I haven’t really noticed more visits by live ducks since floating the decoys in the pond.

  2. Ummm…Exposure 1/81.1 second, at F5.9 and ISO of 50, which has led to a nice furry look around some outlines and underbellies.

  3. Pleasant scenery indeed.
    Someday Pablo will look out of his earth sheltered house at RR and see similar vistas.
    We hope.

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