Should He, or Shouldn’t He? Would You?

Mushroom found in the lawn

While preparing to cut the grass today, I ran across this gigantic mushroom.  In order to provide a sense of scale, I placed a CD on the ground next to the huge blob of fungus before snapping the photo.

I am not familiar with the various members of the mushroom family, so I cannot identify this particular specimen, and hence, cannot tell you if this is edible or not.  But there is certainly one way to tell:

Should he, or shouldn’t he?

If you don’t hear from me for a little while,  I’m sure you’ll have an inkling as to why!

4 thoughts on “Should He, or Shouldn’t He? Would You?

  1. Sam – I’m still here, probably because I took Duane’s advice and passed up on eating the mushroom, even though Ed reassured me that anything goes well with Cholula sauce!

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