Why Are Human Beings So Drab Looking?

Moth encounter this morning

When I see a creature such as this delicate moth, I can’t help but wonder why it is that we human beings (OK, me anyhow, and certainly not you) ended up with such a plain, inartistic appearance.  Perhaps someone reading this blog post can educate me as to why this is the case?

4 thoughts on “Why Are Human Beings So Drab Looking?

  1. Well – animals like that need to use mimicry to defend themselves from attackers, and in doing so they can end up looking as if they have the face of a beautiful bird.

    We human brutes defend ourselves with fine looking machines and tools which we make look sleek and beautiful.

    Have a look at the beautiful lines of any modern fighter aircraft. The pilots of those wear specially designed helmets to disguise their ugly mugs!

  2. Hal – I vertically flipped the the image of the moth 180 degrees.

    It has every appearance of an owl swooping in attack for a snack, right down to the wings folded close to the body.

  3. Wow, Hal, I chanced serendipitously upon your wonderful site … it seems I shall have to do some catching up — there are plenty of archives here! 🙂

    Wonderful, magical stuff: blessings to you and yours, and more power to you!

    Walter Tonetto

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