Kitten Update

Bosco and Hobbs

Remember those two kittens that Retta found beside the highway last month? Well here they are again, only this time they have names.  We named the cute gray and white kitten on the top perch Hobbs.  The other cute kitten, the one that sports a black and white coat, is named Bosco.

Bosco and Hobbs are doing just fine.  Their health is excellent, and they are quite pleased with their daily routine; sleep, eat, play….. sleep, eat, play….. sleep, eat, play. 

Max (our 2 year old tabby) did not know quite what to make of these kittens at first, which might stem from the fact that he was an “only child” and had no prior recollection of feline siblings.  Despite a little bit of trepidation, curiosity eventually got the better of Max, and he now seems to have accepted the two newcomers as legitimate members of the family.

Gracie (our huge but gentle Great Pyrenees) and George (a genius Yellow Lab) are well conditioned to the routines of our ever-expanding household.  To their way of thinking, two more family members to protect only adds to their status and prestige around here, so they are happy.  They told me so.

3 thoughts on “Kitten Update

  1. I think, if possible, that those two kittens have become even cuter with all the love and care yourself, your wife, and the rest of the household have heaped on them.

    Those are perfect names! And I’m so glad the previous “children” welcomed the new ones with (mostly) open arms. Or wet tongues – however that works.

    Congrats again on your adorable expanding family!

  2. I was going to ask whether the gray and white one was named after the tiger, or the theologian … until I noticed that you spelled it without the “e”.

  3. Hey David, it could be that I am simply bad at spelling, or it could be that he was named after the town of Hobbs, New Mexico. It doesn’t really matter anyhow, since cats can’t spell.

    In any case, Hobbes the theologian/philosopher and Hobbes the comic feline would both have been worthy namesakes 🙂

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