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In a post of two days ago entitled Feeder Maintenance – Part II, the issue of back strain while loading the feeders with heavy sacks of corn was raised.  In the comments that followed that post, Tjilpi (a practicing physician who knows all about such things) pointed out that hoisting the full drum of corn up to the top of the feeder was possibly causing pressure on my spinal disks.  My joking reaction to Tjilpi was “I figure that whatever compression damage I’m doing by hefting the bags onto my shoulder is being offset by the extension damage I’m doing by pulling on the hoist.”  Tjilpi suggested that the act of pulling down on the rope was actually causing compression of the disks, rather then the extension damage that I had assumed would be occurring.

Notwithstanding the fact that he resides in the Southern Hemisphere, where even gravity sometimes behaves in an unpredictable manner, I respect Tjilpi’s learned opinion on the matter, and figured that I had better self-treat my compression damage from loading the corn feeders.  And so it is that you see me in the basement in the following photograph, defying Newton’s laws of gravity as I hang fearlessly upside-down in Retta’s inversion chair.

Hanging in an inversion chair

After spending sufficient time in the inversion chair to stretch out my spine, I figured I had better end the session before bursting a vein somewhere in my cranium, which would have really ruined my day :)

9 thoughts on “Just Hanging Around Today

  1. I don’t know why, but this picture really makes me giggle!

    Thanks for the laugh – it’s Monday, we could all probably use one!

  2. The photos behind you are yours I presume.
    From a distance…maybe a young cobia and the striped one could be a sheepshead or maybe a sargentmajor?

    Cool toy.

  3. Hi Hal,
    You’re smilin’ all right!

    Say, how do you and Retta like that inversion chair? I see it goes plumb vertical, which some do not. I’m looking into getting one & would like to know the brand and source, if you’d share it. thanks.

  4. I found your website after Googling images for “inversion chair”

    I’m looking into getting one & would like to know the brand, model and source, if you’d share it.

    The one you are hanging in looks well designed, particularly the thigh pads that keep you from falling out while inverted. Most of the inversion chairs I’ve looked at online appear to be borderline junk.

    My aching lower back thanks you!

  5. Roger – Unfortunately, consumers apparently weren’t willing to spend the amount of money required for a quality inversion chair – this one is no longer produced. Occassionally, they come up for sale on eBay.

  6. I’ve been looking for an inversion chair that holds you up in a seated position, just like yours. What is the make and model? I know you mentioned that it was no longer manufactured so I will be looking for a used one. Thanks so much for your help.
    Arthur Brodie

  7. I need an inversion chair like yours as my two legs are not the same length and a regular one pulls my hip out of the socket but I really need to do inversion for my scoliosis.Please tell me the brand name so I can try to find an old one on ebay. thank you in advance.

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