Gettin’ Goin’ While The Goin’s Good

Migrating geese

We have been treated to the sights and sounds of migrating geese for the past couple of days.  Apparently, we are directly beneath one of the many flyways that the migrating geese use in their annual fall journey down to warmer southern climates.  One of the great benefits of living in such a remote, rural area is the relative quiet that comes from residing a respectable distant from civilization.  In the case of the geese, this allows us to hear their approach long before we can catch sight of the flocks flying accross the sky. 

4 thoughts on “Gettin’ Goin’ While The Goin’s Good

  1. Hal, reminds me of one night in midwinter PA. Open snowcovered perfect quiet; only broken by the cal of the the Canadian geese heading home.

  2. *snowcovered fields – perfect quiet
    **only broken by the call

    Jeez, it’s hard at 03:00 hrs!!

    Fortunately, no work tomorrow. Have got to decide if I’m up to gliding…

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