Nearly At It’s Peak

Are you getting tired of my fall color change photographs?  I’m not.  I just wish that I had the skill and equipment to capture the beauty that my eyes behold, but alas, that is not the case.  In any event, here are two more pictures that I have taken today.

Neighbor's log home

Yesterday’s post contained a panoramic photograph overlooking our property.  I took that photograph from the balcony of a neighbor’s log home, which overlooks our property.  The photograph above is that neighbor’s log home, as seen from down here.  The colors just keep getting better each day.

Tojo's pasture has a great view

A few days ago, I posted a picture that contained a tree which I believe is a autumn purple ash.  In this photograph, you can see that the ash tree has continued to turn from green to purple.  The trees on the hillside also continue to adopt their autumn hues.  Tojo, the Missouri Foxtrotter in the picture, really seems to enjoy the view from his pasture when he takes a moment out of his busy grazing schedule to look up.


3 thoughts on “Nearly At It’s Peak

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  2. FC – The color change does come at a price. It is 27 degrees outside right now as I write this, and winter is still nowhere near. Retta sometimes says we moved too far north (we considered moving to the north part of Florida, but land prices there are very high relative to this area).

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