From Fire to Freezing in the Blink of an Eye

Thursday we were experiencing 68 degree weather with strong southerly winds, as we fretted about a fire that was burning on our land.  Yesterday, however, the temperature dropped to single digits and we received about 6 inches of snow.  Just as I was beginning to think old man winter had passed us by!  It makes watching the Olympics seem a lot more relevant when there is snow on the ground and a fire in the fireplace.

New snow covers the ground

We have been seeing lots of deer this winter, but the new snow makes them easy to spot.   They know exactly when the feeders are due to dispense corn.

Deer enjoy the corn in winter


2 thoughts on “From Fire to Freezing in the Blink of an Eye

  1. Pablo, you are an astute observer, and obviously familiar with the principles of architectural design. Yes, south is to the left in the photo you refer to. But wait – isn’t west always to the left? Perhaps a more accurate posting of the photo would be thusly:

    2006 012.jpg

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