Will Today Be the Day?

Flycatcher chicks

It looks to me as if these flycatcher chicks are ready to get a lesson in flying from their parents.  Although you can only see three chicks in this photograph, there are actually five in the nest.  I suspect that they will be gone shortly, off discovering the world for themselves.

Ideal viewing location for nest

We normally discourage birds from building their nests on our house, but these flycatchers have chosen to build their annual nest in an overhang just outside a front-door window, which affords us a wonderful view of the nest from inside the house, as you can see above.  Having a nest at this location is a little messy at times, but because we have such a good view of the action,  it is allowed to remain year after year.  It doesn’t hurt their cause that flycatchers, as the name suggests, will consume vast quantities of flies.  You may recall from a previous post, entitled Non-Toxic Fly Control, that we try to utilize as many natural methods of fly control as possible.  These flycatchers are just one more tool in our arsenal.

One thought on “Will Today Be the Day?

  1. we fledge a few broods of house wrens each year. i always wonder if the babies make it or if our cat makes a meal of them before they can fly off. i hope for their survival but am never assured since i don’t monitor our cats moment by moment activities.

    animal roll call please? i complied at the pile. i think a periodical documentation of the animal tally is nice to reflect upon as these things change from season to season.

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