There used to be a time, years ago, when I lived aboard a vessel and called places like the one seen in the photograph above my home.

In those days, I would dress up in a funny rubber suit and jump into the water …..

… armed with this Nikonos underwater camera.  Hopefully, I would happen upon some interesting subject,

such as this Spanish Shawl nudibranch, to take a photograph that might end up worthy of display.

Other times I might stalk creatures while on the ocean’s surface, and be fortunate enough to get a picture like the one of this elephant seal at San Miguel Island.

On those occasions when I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to tropical destinations, I would, with a little luck, be able to find subject matter such as that seen above.

Those of you who know me understand just how much the ocean, SCUBA diving, and underwater photography have meant to me over the years.  Alas, those days are past, as I have finally come to recognize.  So it is with bittersweet ambivalence that I have created the following listing on eBay:


I live in the place pictured above, hundreds of miles from the closest ocean.

Today, my photographic tool of choice is this camera ….

… with which I try to find interesting inland photographic opportunities, such as this rainbow …

or this beautiful moth.

It’s still good – just not the same.

4 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. I almost bid on that camera even though I don’t even know how to scuba dive just because those pictures are so breathtaking. I hope you get a pile of money for that outfit. Money does make me feel better about getting rid of things sometimes.

  2. That elephant seal photo is so cool. Too bad you’re out of the underwater photo hobby, but your other stuff is great too!

  3. It appears that you’ve chosen to settle in a little piece of Heaven. Your photography is inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

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