[Sold Quickly] FOR SALE – Ocean Kayak Frenzy & Seaquel Oar – $150.00

This heavy-duty Ocean Kayak Frenzy solo sit-on-top model is an ideal blend of design concepts that make it well suited for various kayaking conditions. From ocean kayaking, surf riding, river floating and moderate white water, the Frenzy does it all. The shorter length of the Frenzy compared to other models allows for excellent maneuverability, while the tri-form hull and keel design creates a kayak that tracks in a straight line without undo fuss on the paddler’s part. The wide stance of this kayak makes for a very stable kayaking experience. It is easy to board from in the water, and actually takes an effort to capsize this boat. This is a particularly fine kayak to scuba dive from due to its outstanding stability. There is a tank holder molded into the stern of the kayak, and heavy duty straps to hold all your gear.

Here are additional views of this kayak. It is an older design than is produced today, lacking a molded-in cup holder and side handles, otherwise, the design is essentially the same as the current Frenzy model from Ocean Kayak.

I have added on the Scotty Bait Caster/Spinning Rod Holder pictured above.

I have also added a bungie cord style oar holder on the side opposite the rod holder, so fishing off this kayak is a breeze, especially with the stable, wide stance this kayak provides.

Also included in the sale is a fine quality Aqua-Bound Seaquel oar. This oar separates into two sections for easy storage and transport. This is an aluminum oar, which Aqua-Bound has discontinued, but I paid approximately $70.00 for it when new.

This is truly an ocean worthy kayak. I used it with much enjoyment at California’s Channel Islands National Park while living aboard my trawler in Southern California. You can’t go wrong buying this kayak and oar for the bargain basement price of $150.00. You will have to come pick it up in the Omaha, Arkansas area. Cash only – first-come, first-serve!

E-mail me at hal@mitzenmacher.net if interested.

The Big Bridge Over Cricket Creek

Here are a few variations of the view from underneath the Big Bridge that passes over Cricket Creek in Boone County, Arkansas. This one features the Milky Way with some extreme light painting of the bridge structure using a ProtoMachine LED2 flashlight.

This image was taken using available light and consists of 12 exposures, each at 4 minutes/ f4 / ISO 400, for a total of 48 minutes of star trailing.

And finally, this is a single 10 second exposure at f2.0 / ISO 6400 to capture pinpoint stars, using only available light. The Big Bridge is located near my home, so I often go there to capture images to test new equipment or techniques. Its interesting that the same subject can capture a different feeling each time I go and shoot it.

[SOLD QUICKLY] FOR SALE – Canvas Print Mounting Supplies $100.00

Because I am downsizing to a smaller house, I am once again offering some photographic printing supplies at a tremendous discount. I paid more than $700.00 for everything listed here, but you can have it all for the LOW, LOW price of $100. The only catch is that you must pay cash and pick these items up within two weeks from my home located near Omaha, Arkansas.

First come, first serve. Hurry, I will be listing this on Craig’s List, Harrison On-Line Yard Sale, and the Branson Ultimate Yard Sale tomorrow afternoon, Thursday 4/19/18.

If interested, email me at hal@mitzenmacher.net

Stretcher Bars

Breathing Color Gallery Fir Pre-Notched Stretcher Bars (1 1/2″ Depth x 1 3/8″ Width)

18″ Length – 40 Pieces – Paid $62.04
24″ Length – 40 Pieces – Paid $84.92

16″ Length – 90 Pieces – Paid $130.68
20″ Length – 90 Pieces – Paid $159.39


Canvas Stretching Pliers

Generic Chrome Stretching Pliers (left) – Paid approx. $15.00
Pit Bull Canvas Wrap Stretcher (right) – Paid $170.00

Canvas Print Varnish & Supplies

1 Gallon – Breathing Color Timeless Print Varnish – Gloss Finish – Paid $89.95
10 each – Contractors Foam Rollers – paid approx. $8.00
3 each – Roller Handles – paid approx. $6.00
3 each – Roller Pans – paid approx. $3.00