Fall Colors 2011

The fall color change peaked about 7-10 days ago, so I thought I would post these photos before winter sets in here in the Ozarks.  The colors were not as vivid as they have occassionally been in the past, but they were still beautiful.

As an aside from the colors, do you notice the loveseat at the end of the pasture, just at the base of the cedar trees?  I discussed this loveseat project in a post here, and provided plans in a post here.

While I was hiking around the property taking fall pictures, I ran across this small group of deer.  They are quite prolific on our land, and sightings are common.

Yellow, rust, orange and pink seem to predominate this year, while the bright scarlet reds were pretty much limited to the sumacs growing on the fringes of our fields.

To continue my aside, notice the park bench under the trees?  Would you believe it -  I wrote about this convertible park bench/picnic table in a post entitled A Benchtable, and posted plans for the Convertible Bench/Table here.  And can you spot the bluebird house as well?  This is one of the 100 that I built to create a bluebird trail on our farm.  Guess what – posts about the Bluebird Trail can be found here and here.

This is a view that encompasses a couple of our pastures.  The colors here have been more brilliant in the past, but they were acceptable this year.

Looking out across some of our wooded areas reveals the multitude of colors that engulf the countryside.

Another hillside surrounding one of the pastures, where you see red cedars (the green trees) in the foreground, and mixed hardwoods on the hill.

Finally, one more view of a hillside surrounding another of our pastures.  All-in-all, it was a pretty colorful fall.  While the weather conditions didn’t provide the most spectacular colors we have witnessed here at La Esperanza, they were delightful nevertheless.  I hope you get a chance to come enjoy the fall colors along with Retta and me someday.