[SOLD QUICKLY] FOR SALE – Canvas Print Mounting Supplies $100.00

Because I am downsizing to a smaller house, I am once again offering some photographic printing supplies at a tremendous discount. I paid more than $700.00 for everything listed here, but you can have it all for the LOW, LOW price of $100. The only catch is that you must pay cash and pick these items up within two weeks from my home located near Omaha, Arkansas.

First come, first serve. Hurry, I will be listing this on Craig’s List, Harrison On-Line Yard Sale, and the Branson Ultimate Yard Sale tomorrow afternoon, Thursday 4/19/18.

If interested, email me at hal@mitzenmacher.net

Stretcher Bars

Breathing Color Gallery Fir Pre-Notched Stretcher Bars (1 1/2″ Depth x 1 3/8″ Width)

18″ Length – 40 Pieces – Paid $62.04
24″ Length – 40 Pieces – Paid $84.92

16″ Length – 90 Pieces – Paid $130.68
20″ Length – 90 Pieces – Paid $159.39


Canvas Stretching Pliers

Generic Chrome Stretching Pliers (left) – Paid approx. $15.00
Pit Bull Canvas Wrap Stretcher (right) – Paid $170.00

Canvas Print Varnish & Supplies

1 Gallon – Breathing Color Timeless Print Varnish – Gloss Finish – Paid $89.95
10 each – Contractors Foam Rollers – paid approx. $8.00
3 each – Roller Handles – paid approx. $6.00
3 each – Roller Pans – paid approx. $3.00


Marshall Point Lighthouse, Maine

The Marshall Point Lighthouse is located near Port Clyde in the state of Maine. Although the grounds are usually closed at night, I was able to photograph the light while attending a workshop led by Lance Keimig who runs the Night Skye Workshops. The workshop was a part of the highly respected Maine Media Workshops and College, based out of Camden, Maine.

I was recently asked about the techniques used to create this image, so I thought I would post the answer here. This was created using a blend of two exposures. The first was a very long exposure of 8 minutes/f8/ISO 800. This exposure yielded the clean, noise-free overall image that also produced the star trails of a length I find pleasing to the eye.

While an exposure of 8 minutes produced a nice clean image, it also grossly overexposed the actual light at the fresnal itself. To correct this deficiency, I took a series of shorter exposures, this time judging the exposure of the fresnal itself. After several tries, I determined that an exposure of 30 seconds/f8/ISO 100 produced a good likeness of the fresnel portion of the light.

When it came time to construct the final image, I placed both the long, 8 minute exposure and the short, 30 second exposure into layers using Photoshop. From there it was a simple matter to blend the properly exposed fresnel into the overexposed fresnel of the long exposure.

Once the blending was accomplished, I used the power of Lumenzia (a luminosity masking plugin for Photoshop developed by Greg Benz) to do the final editing of the image until I achieved results that I felt was satisfactory.

The equipment used for this image: Sony A7Rii | Sigma 20mm f1.4 Art Series lens | MIOPS Smart Trigger | Benro Tripod | Flare Buster lens shade

Shop Equipment – Cost $4590 – Selling for $1100 Firm [SOLD QUICKLY]

Bulk Sale – It’s All or Nothing!  [SOLD]


Grizzly Industrial 14″ Band Saw Model G0555 – Paid $625.00
Shop Fox Heavy Duty Mobile Base D2057A – Paid $69.95
Assorted band saw blades, guides, squares, etc. – Paid approx $200.00


Grizzly Industrial 1 1/2 HP Shaper Model G1035 – Paid $639.95
Shop Fox Mini Mobile Base D2260A – Paid $59.95
Grizzly Industrial 1″ Rabbeting Shaper Cutter, 3/4″ Bore Part C2034 Paid $39.95
Grizzly Industrial 3/4″ Bead Shaper Cutter, 3/4″ Bore Part C2055 – Paid $39.95
Grizzly Industrial 1/2″ Radius Quarter Round, 3/4″ Bore Part C2061 – Paid $38.95
Pro Fence Featherboard – Part T20853 – Paid $64.95
Grizzly Industrial 3″ Dust Hood Part G4840 – Paid $22.95


Grizzly 12 Speed Heavy-Duty Bench-Top Drill Press Model G7943 – Paid $365.00
Wilton 4″ Drill Press Vice Model 69997 – Paid $36.98


Craftsman Professional 15 Amp 10″ Portable Table Saw w/ Router Table Extension
Model 21829 – Paid approximately $400.00
Shop Fox Single Roller Stand Model D2273 – Paid $51.95


Kobalt 12″ 15 Amp Dual Bevel Sliding Laser Compound Miter Saw – Paid $299.00
Craftsman 3 HP Shop Vacuum for dust collection – Paid $58.40



Grizzly Industrial Combo Sander Moder G0547 4″ x 36″ Belt – 6″ Disk – Paid $149.95
(7) Boxes of Woodstock International Assorted Grit Belts – Paid approx. $70.00
(7) Boxes of Woodstock International Assorted Grit 6″ Disks – Paid approx. $35.00


Grizzly Industrial 12″ Disk Sander Model G7297 – Paid $189.95
Shop Fox Tool Stand Model D2275 – Paid $56.95
Grizzly Industrial Solid Maple Top – Paid approx. $35.00
(2) Boxes 12″ Sanding Disks Model D1340 – Paid approx. $20.00

Sanding Table

Shop Fox Sanding Table Model W1733A – Paid $184.99



Grizzly Industrial 1 1/2 HP Dust Collector System G1028Z2 – Paid $339.00
Assorted Dust Collector Fittings, Hoses and Adaptors – Paid approx. $200.00
Dust Collector Remote On/Off Switch T26673 – Paid $47.95


Masterhand 14″ Metal Cut-Off Saw (Chop Saw) – Paid $99.00


Clarke 8″ Bench Grinder with Wire Wheel and Cast Iron Stand – Paid approx. $150.00

I will be placing this announcement on various venues, and I suspect, given the steeply discounted pricing, that this equipment will sell quickly. You will be responsible for picking this up in the Omaha, Arkansas area. It will require, at minimum, a pickup truck and a helper. Some of this machinery is heavy, and I will not be able to help with the carrying, lifting, or loading, due to health reasons. I do have a hand truck that you may use to help load this equipment. Payable in cash only, due upon pickup. Please contact me if you are interested at hal@mitzenmacher.net.