Microsoft Surface Studio – Abundant Potential with a Beautiful Design


Microsoft will begin shipping the new Surface Studio computer in early 2017. From what I see in the promotional materials and specifications, this could well be a game changer for photographic editing, particularly if Adobe gets on board by tweaking it’s editing lineup to take advantage of the surface disk that Microsoft offers.

This is one gorgeously designed piece of hardware, something that you could easily imagine Apple having concocted.  One key to the success of the Surface Studio will be Microsoft’s commitment to evolving this product over time to meet the needs of graphic artists and photographers. If Microsoft takes this seriously, they could well replace Apple as the hardware of choice for graphic artists, as Apple seems to be much more focused on smartphones and music sales than computers these days.

Microsoft has posted an informational page on the Surface Studio here, with specifications, features, and pre-ordering available.

Hello World….Again (for the third time)

Times change, interests change, and life circumstances change over time. It has been several years since selling La Esperanza, and during that time this Ranch Ramblins blog has been sitting idle.

This post marks the relaunch of this blog, with the new name of Night Sky Ramblins. The focus will be all things pertaining to night photography, including sharing of my images, equipment and software insights, and experiences that arise in my quest for the ultimate night photograph.

I thought about deleting all of my old Ranch Ramblins posts from the blog, but nostalgic impulses took over. The posts from Ranch Ramblins represent reflections from about 6 years of my life. Rather than purging them from the new Night Sky Ramblins, I’ve decided to retain them. After all, no one is forcing visitors to read old posts, and who knows- at some time in the future I might want to relaunch one more time, perhaps as Assisted Living Ramblins, but hopefully not Nursing Home Grumblings!

Any comments you may have are always welcome (except for politics – apparently that is what Facebook is for). I don’t want to do politics here, OK? Thanks for cooperating :)

Restless Heart “Home” Project

Please take a few moments to watch this musical tribute to our returning servicemen and women from Paul Gregg and the rest of the Restless Heart band. I saw them perform this tribute in Branson, Missouri not long ago, and not a dry eye was to be found in the theater by the time they had finished. And it’s just a beautifully written and performed song, to boot!