Restless Heart “Home” Project

Please take a few moments to watch this musical tribute to our returning servicemen and women from Paul Gregg and the rest of the Restless Heart band. I saw them perform this tribute in Branson, Missouri not long ago, and not a dry eye was to be found in the theater by the time they had finished. And it’s just a beautifully written and performed song, to boot!

If you find this tribute to be as compelling as I found it to be, please find some way to support the troops returning home from our tragic war efforts. Whether supportive of our politicians’ insatiable appetite for war or not, remember that these decisions are made by politicians, but the burden is borne by soldiers sworn to do their duty to our country. We owe everything we hold dear to their dedicated service on our behalf.

This message brought to you by a dyed-in-the-wool pacifist who supports our troops without hesitation.

Hypocrisy, Greed and Insensitivity At Its Worst

Thank you Paula Deen, for this wonderful dish!  But if you really want a healthier burger, try my Thai Ka Praw Burger from the post immediatly preceding this one.

  • “I never saw a stick of butter I didn’t like”
  • “I’m gonna just slather this corn with mayonnaise.”
  • “…what the heck, I think I’ll put a tablespoon of butter in it, just cause I saw the butter sitting back here”
  • “We want to coat our cabbage in that seasoning…which is butter and bacon grease.”
  • “But you know what? The more cheese to me, the better.”
  • Oprah: “So what do you say to all of your health conscious critics?” Paula Deen: “I’m your cook, not your doctor.”
  • “And here goes our frosting – mayonnaise and cheese! You know, that’s really hard to beat.”
  • “Alright, here, take your sausage on a stick, and we’re gonna drop these into our deep fryer.”
  • “If you don’t like green beans, asparagus bundles are delicious too…deep fried.”
  • “Now what makes this brownie so sinfully delicious is we’re gonna use three candy bars.”
  • “The foods that are fixin’ to collide is sugar and mashed potatoes.”
  • “One of a Southern girl’s very favorite ingredients – melted butter. Can’t have too much melted butter.”
  • “Now if your on a diet, you don’t have to do this. You can just eat your brownie plain.”
  • “I’m gonna start with my normal ingredient, y’all – one stick of butter”
  • “I decided since I have so many fresh peaches, I’d make two peach cheesecakes.”
  • “To my cream cheese and butter, I’m gonna add seven – don’t have a heart attack – seven cups of powdered sugar.”
  • “My idea of a balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.”
  • “I always said I didn’t like avocados…and then I found out they were fattening.”

(Quotes courtesy of Twitter’s @pauladeenisms)

Reading the quotes from Paula Deen, it is not surprising that we can find the recipe for The Lady’s Brunch Burger at Really – a burger consisting of ground beef, bacon, a fried egg, and butter all sandwiched between two glazed donuts!

It should shock no one that Paula Deen has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. What I find appalling, however, is her reaction to this development. Rather than concentrating on attacking the cause of her diabetes, Ms. Deen instead has opted for the typical medical response to many (if not most physical problems) – treat the symptoms, as opposed to eliminating the cause. In Ms. Deen’s case, rather than acknowledging that the likely cause of her diabetes is dietary, and altering that diet radically, she has opted to take the “easier” route – medication. She has now partnered with pharmaceutical manufacturer Novo Nordisk, makers of Victoza – an injectable non-insulin drug used to treat type 2 diabetes.

When interviewed by Al Roker and asked why she took years to come forward with news of her diagnosis, Deen responded that she wanted to keep the information private for a while because she “had nothing to give to my fellow friends out there.”

Oh really? It took her years to educated herself about a disease that she had been diagnosed with? I will credit Ms. Deen with being equally, if not more, intellegent than me. And in a matter of hours (thanks to the wonders of the Internet) I was able to learn as much as a lay person needs to know about the causes and cures for type 2 diabetes. Perhaps someone needs to introduce Ms. Deen to Google, or Yahoo!, or Bing, or any other search engine that brings the knowledge of the world into a person’s home.

Perhaps I am a tad cynical here, but I can’t help but think that the underlying reason for the delay in announcing the news of her diabetes to the public had nothing to do with “not having anything to give to my fellow friends out there”. Remember, Paula Deen is more than a television cooking show host. She has built a brand and personal fortune, estimated at $16 million, on her reputation as a cook who disregards any notion of a healthy diet. Refer again to one of her quotes above – “I am your cook, not your doctor.”

If Ms. Deen were to have announced her diagnosis immediately upon discovery of her diabetes, and adjusted her public persona and recipes to this new reality, perhaps someone like myself would have been understanding and forgiving of her unhealthy transgressions. Instead, it appears she was more concerned about protecting her “brand”, even in perpetuating it, while knowing the medical implications of the diet she was hawking. Even today, Ms. Deen insists that diet is a small piece of the puzzle, subordinate to lifestyle, genetics, and exercise when discussing her diabetes. I wonder if she has been given a script to follow by Novo Nordisk, and whether she has a financial tie to the company as its newest spokesperson?

And this, my friends, shows hypocrisy, greed and insensitivity at its worst, and hence, the title to this post!