It’s Back to Work!

Since registering for a domain name and signing up for a web host (Dreamhost), I have found my self in front of the computer for days on end.  Learning about setting up services on the server, FTP programs, HTML code, blogging software, photo gallery software, etc. has been very time consuming.   Switching over from ISDN to satellite broadband, and my continued attempts at networking my computers has also taken it’s share of time.  Then, reviewing and uploading photos to the gallery, and writing posts to the blog are time eaters also.  All this has come at the expense of ranch projects, so I’m back off to work now!

Yesterday was unseasonably warm here in the Ozarks, so I took the opportunity to drain, clean, and refill the hot tub.  Today, I worked on a winter-long project of “parkizing” (def: taking an area of land, and making it look like a park) a stretch of creek that runs for about a mile through our property.  This has been a very physical project, involving lots of chain saw and tractor work, but mostly a lot of heavy lifting and hauling.

Retta pointed out a low and dangerous limb from a locust tree that was intruding into one of her riding trails, and ask me to remove it.  The thorns of these trees are wicked – I can’t count the number of flat tires I have fixed on my tractor as a result of these trees.  The only redeeming feature to them is that deer love to eat the seedpods from honey locusts.

Honey Locust thorns are massive and strong

Even though the deer like them, there are several located around the horse paddock that I will have to remove.  I will probably just cut them up and burn them where they now stand, as handling them is difficult and dangerous.

“Living Room of the Future” Podcast from MSDN Channel 9

Jeff Henshaw and David Alles of Microsoft discuss the Living Room of the Future in this interesting podcast from MSDN Channel 9.  The subject is the use of MS X-Box 360 as a media center extender.  For anyone who had been considering buying a Media Center Extender from Linksys to compliment their Media Center computer, this should be a must see. 

There is also a good review (here) about XBox 360 and how it relates to Media Center computers on the Supersite for Windows.  Now that MS has included HD wireless streaming into the equation, everything changes.  This device might just be in my future when I take the plunge and upgrade to HDTV – hopefully in the near future.

Hitting a Brick Wall With My Networking Problem

Linksys WRT54G.jpg         Linksys Wireless PCI.jpg

I am narrowing the list of possible culprits in my continuing network setup problem.  It appears that the router is working correctly, and that the wireless and PCI network cards are also working correctly.  Here is what I can successfully accomplish:

I can browse the internet from my upstairs photo lab computer, via the wireless card upstairs and the router/access point downstairs in my office.  So, the two wireless portions of the network appear to be working together fine. 

I can browse the internet from my downstairs office computer, via the PCI card hard-wired to the router/access point.  So the hard-wired portion of the network seems to be fine.

From the office computer I can successfully ping the photo lab computer by its IP address, but when I try to ping by its computer name (PHOTOLAB), it fails.

From the photo lab computer I can successfully ping the office computer by its IP address, but when I try to ping by its computer name (OFFICE), it fails.

Office computer = Windows XP SP2 Media Center Edition (XP Pro without the ability to join domains).

Photo lab computer = Windows ME

I have run the Home Networking Wizard on both computers,  and have verified that both share the same workgroup name (MSHOME).

File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks is installed on both systems, and activated on both systems.

Both network adaptors are running TCP/IP protocols.

Client for Microsoft Windows Network is installed on both computers, and is the primary windows logon for both computers.